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We have focussed on hardy, lower-maintenance, drought-tolerant varieties of turf to suit the demanding Hunter Valley climate.

For specialist advice on the best turf for your application, our friendly and knowledgable team will help you choose the right variety for your site.

IronCutter Bermudagrass

New variety! Hunter Turf Co are excited to supply this premium new turf.

Why IronCutter?

IronCutter® is the ultimate Bermudagrass solution for Australian homes. It’s renowned for its durability, deep green colour, and low maintenance requirements.

Specifically bred for Australian conditions, it provides exceptional wear tolerance and aesthetic appeal. It’s designed to stay greener for longer periods and recover quickly from damage, making it a resilient choice for a variety of settings.

With it’s soft to touch, fine vertical leaf, very high wear tolerance and high drought tolerance it is ideal for residential backyards, around swimming pools and sporting areas alike.


Affordability: 80%
Appearance: 100%
Durability: 85%
Growability: 85%

Recommended Maintenance

Fertiliser – To keep your IronCutter lawn vibrant and healthy, fertilise it with a balanced NPK fertiliser. The ideal time to fertilise is during the growing season, usually in spring and summer. Avoid over-fertilising, as this can lead to excessive growth, thatch build-up, and possible nutrient runoff.

Lawn Mowing – Regular mowing is crucial for maintaining the dense and fine texture of IronCutter. During the growing season, we recommended mowing every 5-7 days at a 25-30 mm height to promote a thicker lawn. Use a sharp mower blade for a clean cut, as blunt blades can damage the grass and lead to disease.

Watering – IronCutter is drought-tolerant but still requires regular watering to maintain its lush appearance. Generally, deep and infrequent watering is best, as it encourages a deeper root system. Aim for about 25 mm of water per week, either from rainfall or irrigation. Early morning is the best time to water, reducing evaporation and the risk of fungal diseases.


Hunter Turf Co. are growers and suppliers of Kings Pride Soft Leaf Buffalo. This assures our customers receive nothing but the best quality turf.

Kings Pride Soft Leaf Buffalo

Why Kings Pride?

Kings Pride looks sensational, is soft and durable and the perfect choice for Hunter Valley lawns.

This soft leaf buffalo is the ideal choice if you just love a buffalo and appreciate its hard wearing quality. Not only does it look sensational, it requires less maintenance than many other soft leaf buffalo grasses and is non evasive to garden beds. Its very well known for maintaining it fantastic winter colour.

Kings Pride produces less thatch than other buffalos meaning that it is easier to mow and can be mowed more tightly and at low heights. With a deep root system, Kings Pride wears well in dry conditions and under water stress. It’s also great for shady areas.


Affordability: 75%
Appearance: 100%
Durability: 90%
Growability: 100%

Recommended Maintenance

Fertiliser – Don’t over fertilise Kings Pride or you will make it too vigorous and create unnecessary mowing! However if the grass is under a tree it needs more fertiliser and water than out in the open because it is competing with the tree roots for both water and nutrients.

Mowing – keep your mowing height low to prevent thatch build up which is so characteristic of other buffalos. If in doing this your lawn scalps in places, then you need to top dress around the scalped area with sand to make the lawn smoother.

Watering – Lay instant turf on moist soil and water in soon after laying to prevent it from drying out. Keep the turf moist for up to two weeks after laying. After the root system is fully established, water thoroughly only when required eg every 7-10 days during warm or hot summer weather, and much less in cooler months. Don’t over water.

Kikuyu Turf - Soft, drought tolerant turf

Kikuyu Turf

Why Kikuyu?

Kikuyu grass is a soft, drought tolerant turf making it a great choice for Hunter Valley yards.

It’s a self-repairing and low maintenance turf that does not require a lot of fertiliser. And it can take a real hammering from children and pets.

For its lush green dense growth not only does kikuyu look amazing, it is economical and it’s sun-loving nature makes it a hit here in the Hunter!


Affordability: 100%
Appearance: 80%
Durability: 80%
Growability: 85%

Recommended Maintenance

Fertiliser – Kikuyu grass lawns should be fed with a slow-release fertiliser to remain strong and healthy. For best results, fertilise one month after laying your turf. Later, the best time to fertilise is in early April and early September. Avoid over-fertilising in summer or using manure-based products.

Lawn Mowing – In the hot months you will need to mow your turf every 7-10 days. However, during the colder months, you can increase the time between mowing to 3-6 weeks. The mowing height will vary depending on the level of shade.

Watering – Water thoroughly and regularly after laying to encourage a deep and vigorous root system. When fully established, you will only need to water when needed. To know when your grass needs watering, look for a slight wilting. Keep in mind that deep infrequent water promotes a healthy lawn and overwatering encourages excessive growth, disease and root rot. The best time to water is in the early morning.


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